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K.I.E.Z. is dedicated to facilitate entrepreneurs in AI with scientific expertise as well as access to capital, industry partners and hiring talent. From the first idea to the successful business, we provide science-based AI startups with everything they need to grow fast and sustainably.


K.I.E.Z. Der | noun | masculine | <kiːʦ>

An unofficial neighbourhood, esp. in Berlin.

A part of the Science & Startups program by Berlin’s Universities towards the identification, funding and establishment of successful AI ventures (Künstliche Intelligenz Entrepreneurship Zentrum)

K.I.E.Z. is provided by the startup centers of the four Berlin universities that have united their services and support strategies under the roof of Science & Startups.

This gives all AI startups in our program access to the university‘s resources like innovative research, infrastructure and scientific mentors.

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K.I.E.Z. in Berlin

We are the team behind K.I.E.Z.

We might come from different countries, and be experts in different disciplines, but we’re all connected by our passion to transfer latest AI science into economy and help ambitious AI entrepreneurs to found, fund and grow their businesses.


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